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Jun 16, 2021

With over 25 years of human resources and talent management experience at organizations, this week’s guest shares some of the people-centric activities you need to focus on to achieve high growth.

Andrew Bartlow leads Series B Consulting, a firm that helps companies build their people strategy and accelerate their growth. He is also the Founder of People Leader Accelerator, which is a development program for startup HR leaders, and the co-author of Scaling for Success.

Andrew used to be a bit self-conscious when it came to telling people he worked in HR. He found out that not a lot of people knew exactly what that meant and that it had a negative connotation around it. HR goes beyond employee relations and payroll. Andrew would often tell people he was in management consulting because that’s how the best companies approach it.

What inspired Andrew to write his book? Well, everyone has a book inside of them, but Andrew saw a huge gap in the market in the startup ecospace. There are a lot of companies that are seeing a lot of success in spite of themselves. Andrew wanted to help them optimize their HR work so that it would not become a case of just dumb luck.

CEOs and Founders are often hesitant to share their top-level plans down to the organization. In an environment where startups are often resource-starved in the beginning, it can be hard for leadership to make the commitment and stick to it in an uncertain future, but everyone needs a vision before they begin to do deep work.


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