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Jun 30, 2021

There’s a lot to cover in this week’s Scaling Up Insights show! We have two returning guests, Dominic Monkhouse and Daniel Marcos. Both of these growth coaches talk about what’s on their summer reading list, understanding customer and employee data, and inflation making a comeback! All this and more, in today’s episode.

Bust Buy’s Turnaround time really is a gift of wonders. Daniel shares an example of why he chose them over Amazon for a particular retail purchase. He was amazed! In and out in less than five minutes and he didn’t even have to leave his car. The future truly is wonderful.

People are so quick to blame Amazon for disrupting and ruining other industries. Best Buy said no, it’s not Amazon’s fault. It’s ours. It’s our lack of execution that’s put us in this position. When they took ownership of their own shortcomings, they were able to innovate greatly, and you also kind of have COVID-19 to thank for that, too.

Dominic is surprised we still have poor customer service issues in 2021. Some people just hate human beings. Dominic sat down with his wife at a cafe. They overheard the wait staff complaining about them for ordering only two things. Why are you here?

When it comes to employee motivations, you can’t hire a motivational speaker to excite and entice your staff. Daniel believes you either create a company that gets them motivated, or you face the consequences of selling a product no one cares about.


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The Heart of Business: Leadership Principles for the Next Era of Capitalism, by Hubert Joly

Big Night (1996)

Miracle (2004)



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