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Jul 21, 2021

Why does responsibility matter? Why should there be balance? Why is all of this even important? Today’s guest has some answers and suggestions on how you can become a more responsible business.

Carol Sanford is an award-winning Business Educator, Summit Producer, Podcaster, and Author. She is a regularly recognized thought leader and has worked alongside Fortune 500 companies like Google, DuPont, Intel, P&G, and more over the last four decades.

When Carol went to Berkeley, a man named Thomas Kuhn opened her up to a whole new world of different perspectives. Combining this with the memorable moments Carol spent with her grandparents, who were half Mohawk and lived off the land, Carol saw how one tiny change could create drastic impacts.


Carol decided to take what she learned from Thomas and create a framework that would help you see what kind of paradigm you were living under, understand the impacts of that paradigm, and work on ways you can change it for the better.


Although Carol wrote her book, The Responsible Business, nearly 15 years ago, the book is going through a re-release right now, the core of that book dives into helping corporations (and nonprofits) understand that the way they run the business is changing and affecting the lives of everyone who buys and interacts with them. It’s not just about profit or growth or teams, it’s so much more than that.


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