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Oct 20, 2021

Do you ever notice how certain things trigger you? People? Conversations? And then you realize that you don’t quite know why you’re upset? The entire transaction just throws you off? Today’s guest has some solutions for you!

Jen Underwood is an Emotional Mastery Coach who helps leaders find emotional stability and remove trauma from their business practices, resulting in more authenticity, integrity, and ease in business while also increasing the income and impact their leadership has in the world.

In Jen’s past life, she was a social worker who worked with traumatized, mentally ill, and chronically addicted adults. It was emotionally draining and she found herself burning out. She transitioned out of that position to start her own business in a completely unrelated field.

Now, as an emotional mastery coach, Jen helps people learn how to say what they’re feeling, feel what they’re feeling, and adjust the way certain things trigger them in leadership.

This is a much-needed space in business. People are aware, more than ever, why it’s important to address the “emotional” side of our humanness, and yet, many people still struggle with the authenticity of it all. When it comes to emotions, there just seems to be such a fine balance to it all, and how we communicate that to others. Jen explains that it doesn’t have to be so. You can set healthy boundaries in your work life just as you can in your personal life.


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