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Oct 27, 2021

Rolly Keenan — Going from Chief Marketing Officer to Chief Revenue Officer


Is it time for you to switch your chief executives around? Today’s guest breaks down why it might be more beneficial for your organization to have an all-driving C-suite executive (that’s not the CEO) to help manage revenue and growth. 


Rolly Keenan is a serial entrepreneur and the Chief Revenue Officer at Tegrita. A trained hostage negotiator, Rolly brings 20 years of experience and has worked and led teams at LinkedIn, Oracle, Gallup, and more. Rolly is also the author of the book, CMO to CRO


Sales and marketing technology is starting to merge. As Rolly and his team thought more about this, he realized that things are much more complex and don’t always fall within the sales and/or marketing branch. In fact, sales and marketing should not be separate, they should report to a revenue leader to help keep track of respective growth. 


Why is the CMO the best person for the CRO position and not the sales leader? Whenever people are looking at revenue, they first turn to sales to get a better overview, and the marketing leader is almost an afterthought. It’s a bit counterintuitive to appoint the marketing guy for revenue. 


Rolly explains that users today no longer physically talk to salesmen. The human interaction is much less. Salesmen are still critical in the workplace, however there’s a lot of things that happen after an interaction with a salesman or after ‘the deal gets closed’. In today’s world, we are tracking customer success, customer retention, and more, and these duties often go beyond the scope of the salesmen; but marketing is very familiar with this sort of follow through. 


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