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Nov 24, 2021

Today’s topic is something the business world doesn’t always talk about or lean into as much, and that’s trusting your intuition. How do we know when we’re on the right path vs. not? This week’s guest offers her insights on the topic.

Kim Woods is an Intuitive Strategist and Spiritual Consultant to high-performing entrepreneurs and global leaders. She was also a former business consultant at Oracle. Her True KLT Process has helped entrepreneurs trust themselves more effectively to create personal, professional, and financial success.

Kim got into this line of work because she was very dissatisfied in her corporate life. She was unable to know, like, and trust herself because of her toxic environment. It felt like every day she was just going down the wrong path, and she was trying everything she could to ignore her intuition and her needs.

When you’re able to tap into your intuition and actually trust the decisions you’re making, you show up as a better leader. You have more clarity. When you trust yourself, your mistakes don’t feel as big and you’re able to overcome them in a better way.

Because of Kim’s intuitive nature, she can sense when someone’s soul is yearning for something that we, ourselves, can’t always detect. Not to get too “woo,” but it’s Kim’s strength to help her clients see things through a different lens and lead them to a path that’s much more natural to them.


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