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Dec 1, 2021

This week’s topic covers how to have a more resilient mindset when you’re focused on building your own company. Headspace is almost everything when you’re dealing with a lot of moving pieces, unforeseen stressors, and disruption. Today’s guest has some answers on how you can handle the unknown and certainty with ease.

John Swanson is the CEO of Wendell, a coaching company that focuses on the areas of Mindset and Health. He was the former CEO of Granite Games, Fast Factory Fitness, and Factory Forge. He is also an avid professional athlete who is passionate about shortening business leaders’ to-do lists and turning them into clear action steps that move the needle.

When you fail, that’s when you really learn. As a professional athlete, John has had his fair share of failures and when he retired, he found a new path that led him to help other athletes with their nutrition, sports performance, and mindset.

A lot of times, life will not meet your expectations. How do you manage the disappointment in your life? Do you sit and wallow, do you start to dig yourself out of it, or do you give up completely?

Sports are even more ruthless when it comes to winners and losers. Technically, there can only be one. Everyone else is seen as a failure otherwise. When you’re on a “losing team,” you have to be extremely proactive in finding the small victories that help you keep going. If you can’t find these small wins in the bigger picture of life, it becomes incredibly hard to push through.


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