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Dec 22, 2021

Are you low on chutzpah? Today’s guest is all about getting your hutzpah levels up to peak levels! If you’re ready to go bigger, bolder, and take on smarter risks, then this is the episode for you!

Mason Harris is the Founder of Robin Technologies Inc., which earned local and national growth awards. He is also an author and a speaker and is out with a new book called The Chutzpah Advantage, where he dives into how to be more strategic about the unknown.

What is chutzpah, really? Originally a Yiddish word, it can mean being a little bold and being a little cheeky. However, anyone who has entrepreneurial blood in them has a little bit of chutzpah. If you’re interested in striving and making your company more efficient, you’ve got chutzpah!

Is chutzpah good or bad? In researching the book, Mason discovered that it’s, realistically, a skillset you can finetune over time with practice. In Mason’s research, he found eight key characteristics of chutzpah!

Mason’s acronym and eight characteristics in chutzpah are: C = Carpe Diem, H = Handling Objections, U = Uncovering Need, Pain, and Opportunity, T = Trailblazing, Z = Zigzag, P = Purpose, A = Ambiguity Elimination, H = Humility. Find out more as he breaks down each value in this week’s episode!


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