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Dec 29, 2021

Welcome to another Getting Real episode, where Bill digs into the ups and downs of an entrepreneur’s journey. Today’s guest dives into the world of online business and what he had to do differently to stand out.

Jaryd Krause used to work 60-plus hours a week as a plumber. He would often make enough money to leave to go travel, and when he ran out, he’d be right back in that cycle. He wanted to create something more sustainable, and so he tried his hand at buying his first online business.

Jaryd is grateful he got into the plumbing business. He uses the analogy all the time that if you don’t fix the leaks in your financial life, acquiring a business is only going to worsen your situation. Respectively, with determining where to invest within your business, faulty business plumping only heightens your financial problem.

Starting a business is so hard and there are so many online courses out there trying to sell you on that dream. Jaryd understands this. He tried to start an online business on the side as a plumber and kept failing. He realized he was approaching the problem wrong. Instead of trying to start a business, why not buy an already profitable business.

Jaryd ended up buying three businesses before he was able to replace his full-time income. Today, Jaryd helps people find the right business for them and helps them through the due diligence process so that they end up acquiring the right online business.


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