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Jan 5, 2022

Today’s topic focuses on curiosity! How it impacts the world around us today, how to cultivate it, and how more of it within your team helps your business scale and grow!

Dr. Alison Horstmeyer is a Talent Development Consultant, Executive Coach, and Humanistic Thought Leader. Her research focuses on curiosity and associated mental, emotional, and motivational attributes. Dr. Alison is considered to be one of the pioneering practitioners in workplace curiosity.

Dr. Alison has been called in to launch new things or disrupt them. Through her work, she became fascinated with why people had so much anxiety, complacency, and stress around the work that they do. She noticed this pattern across so many diverse international teams that she decided to go back to school for it. She wanted to answer, can we be curious and anxious at the same time?

As Dr. Alison studied different disciplines, she realized curiosity and anxiety are closely related. However, depending on the person, they can use the fear of the unknown as a powerful weapon to solve new challenges, or completely spiral out of control.

There’s been a growing need for organizations to fully understand what curiosity is and how they can use it to help their employees create more innovative solutions, but curiosity is so much more than that. Curiosity is the bridge that helps teams collaborate, communicate, and create.


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