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Jan 19, 2022

In this Getting Real episode, we learn from an entrepreneur who purchases and scales wellness companies. We find out how he got into this line of work and some painful lessons he’s had to learn along the way.

Mike Giannulis is the Founder of Sanetris, an international health and wellness company that is on track to eight figures in annual revenue. Originally a high school dropout, Mike has worked his way into living the American Dream.

One of Mike’s superpowers is looking for people who possess skill sets he doesn’t have, cultivating them into thinking bigger, and setting them to work in an important aspect of the business.

Mike always knew he was entrepreneurial. He got his start as a poem writer when he was a kid and, when he turned 18, he purchased a “get rich quick” real estate course because he knew he wanted to work for himself. And although he failed in that venture, it was just the building blocks to what he does now. His self-drive and hustle have found him in some weird business ventures, like purchasing 500 pregnant goats and having them repoed by the government.

Mike really got his lucky break when he started writing ad copy for a friend of his. She ended up making him a partner later on, but his desire to “make it” was so great that it cost him his health. At his heaviest, Mike was over 500 lbs. He ended up losing over 250 lbs. on the reality show, Extreme Makeover and has since kept the pounds off! That is one of the reasons why Mike is so passionate about the wellness industry he’s currently in and serves because he’s found a new purpose.


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