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Apr 27, 2022

Today’s entrepreneur shares some of his growth challenges when entering into a booming market that still has some pending legal clarity around it. Everything from not being able to advertise, losing merchant accounts, and not being able to get bank accounts is part of today’s guest story!


Eric Robichaud is a Serial Entrepreneur with over 30+ years of experience in tech, marketing, and business management. He is the CEO of Green Goddess Supply, a cannabis tech accessory brand. Eric has made his transition from traditional “computer geek” to “the weed guy,” and shares some of the challenges that possesses.


Eric is trying to democratize the plant. Medicine should not be for those who can only afford it. He wants to empower people to be able to grow the herb at home and by themselves.


Eric got his start off of Amazon. In the beginning, he had a criterion of what a good product looked like, most of the time it matched five out of the seven checkboxes until one day one of his team members came to him with a “unicorn” product. It ended up being a weed smoke accessory. Fast forward three months later, and nearly all of their best-selling products were from the cannabis industry.


As a marketing guy, Eric could not ignore the facts. He took a deeper look into this growing market and realized that there was real potential here. He identified some missing pieces in the market and decided to fully invest in the brand; he sold his agency and fully committed to the Green Goddess Supply company in 2017.


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