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Jun 22, 2022

As the CEO, do you ever feel like you get a little sidetracked? Do you feel you’re too in your business instead of focusing on what you’re actually good at? This week’s guest knows how to offboard those troublesome tasks so that you can get more productive CEO work done.


Richard Shaull is the Founder of Unleashed, a company that helps visionary CEOs free up 30 hours per week by training their COO counterpart, which then allows CEOs to focus on tasks that propel their company forward. After almost killing himself through two business ventures, Richard made it his mission to help other entrepreneurs never go through the same struggles again.


As a newly-married man and running two businesses at the same time, Richard couldn’t take it anymore. He was suffering on a level he did not know he could. He ended up losing investor money, got defrauded by the U.S. government, sued, you name it, Richard experienced it.


As Richard reflects on what he could have done better, he realizes that his fatal flaw was his leadership ability. Everyone external thought his company was doing great, but internally, nothing was working right. Everything was falling apart.


Richard had to take ownership. Everything rises and falls with leadership and he was the root source of the problem. He realized a little too late that what got him here was not what would get him there, and that was how the cookie crumbled.


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