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Feb 28, 2023

Effective coaches have to be able to help people level up without having them reject that coaching. But how can you do that?


Bill had the opportunity to coach a CEO who was completely burnt out on his work. By showing genuine curiosity about the cause behind the leader’s change of heart, Bill was able to help him find new passion and purpose in the work he was doing. Rather than just pumping a leader up, curiosity can create a space for a leader to receive coaching without feeling like it’s being forced upon them.


A great coach is looking for growth. Take it from Anthony Nelson at Premier Restoration Hawaii — leaders have a great vision that they are excited to share with their team. They’re looking for ways to help level their people up beyond what they can see for themselves at any given moment.



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Scaling Up is the best-selling book by Verne Harnish and our team for Scaling Up Coaches (formerly Gazelles). We share how the fastest-growing companies succeed where so many others fail.


Bill Gallagher, Scaling Coach and host of the show, is an international business coach who works with C-Suite leaders to achieve breakthrough growth.


We help leadership teams with the biggest decisions around People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash so that they can Scale Up successfully and beat the odds of business growth. Scaling Up is based on Verne’s original best-selling business book, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.


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