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Aug 30, 2017

Randy Cohen is the Founder & Chief Energizing Officer for TicketCity Management. Randy is also the author of  Secrets of Swagger, a book to help guide business owners and entrepreneurs through the process of understanding, and obtaining, confidence.

Do you struggle with getting your swagger on? This week’s guest knows a thing or two about being cool, calm, and confident. Find out how you can obtain these seemingly unattainable traits with guest Randy Cohen on this week’s episode!

Randy first started TicketCity 27 years ago. He took his life savings of $1,200 and bought 200 $6 sports tickets, which he later resold for $15 a piece. From there, he slowly built his business up and now he has a $150 million operation.

How does Randy cultivate swagger in his life and in his business? It all started when he had an epiphany of what TicketCity was all about. What is your company about and how are you making a difference? When you know these answers, and are passionate about them, you can effectively rally your troops and lead them in the right direction for your company.

One of the secrets to swagger is finding your passion in life. That’s just one part of it though. You still have to walk the walk and talk the talk. People respect a leader who gets his hands dirty.

Keep in mind, there are different levels of swagger too. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to swagger. You might be brilliant at what you do and have an intelligence swagger about you. You might be highly competitive and have a competitive swagger about you. Richard Branson, Lady Gaga, and George Clooney all have different types of swagger.

People with swagger typically have a couple of these  things: Passion, Collaboration, Charisma, Commitment, Courage, Coolness, Competitiveness, Character, and Creativity.

How can you obtain some of these things? Well, you certainly should not fake it till you make it. That’s not how you obtain swagger. Walk the talk of something that’s really important to you, something you really care about. You get swagger by working on something truly meaningful to you and showing up, being committed, to that every single day.


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