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May 23, 2021

Bill gets to dive deep with another entrepreneur who is in the marketing world. She shares her challenges, biggest mistakes, and some of the amazing things she’s grateful for since starting her business four years ago!

How did Angela come up with her company name? Well after working in a very fast-paced agency, she realized that everyone on the team was overwhelmed and stressed out. Whenever there was a new client in the pipeline, the team that had the least amount of work would get them, but everyone was relatively busy and maxed out.

When Angela decided to start her company, she wanted to do something slightly different. She wanted to provide a high-quality experience for her clients with people who were overwhelmed. This is why she named her company 11outof11 — because they are better than a standard 10-out-of-10 score.

Angela wanted to set her business up differently compared to what she experienced in the agency world. She has about 55 subcontractors and works with them on an on-need basis, and has about nine core team members that work with her clients directly.


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