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Jul 18, 2021

Today’s Getting Real episode is all podcast guest booking, when it makes sense to start a podcast, and of course, it highlights this entrepreneur’s journey, how he got into this space, and some of his challenges.

Mark Colgan is an Entrepreneur and Revenue Leader responsible for increasing revenue across a small portfolio of companies where he leverages his 13 years’ experience in B2B Sales, Marketing, and Recruitment. Mark started his career in a sales role and grew his career path into interviewing candidates and pitching them to open roles as a recruitment consultant.

Mark grew up in a very traditional household and was determined to follow the same path. After a few years in corporate, Mark decided to take a leap year, but by luck or fate, people were still knocking on his door asking him for work. He discovered that he could do exactly what he was doing before, just remotely, with fewer hours, and for more money. It’s been a dream ever since.

Mark shares a little bit about his business model and why he’s different. When it comes to podcast guest booking agencies, Mark sees his clients as an extension of their brand, so it’s important that they get the pitch right. Bill agrees, he gets cold pitches all the time and rarely accepts because it’s not on brand with his podcast.

The value in the service he provides is in the human touch and providing a relative service for both the podcast host and the guest speaker. There are a million podcasts out there. Bill believes it’s important to be a guest on a hundred podcasts first before creating your own show.


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