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Mar 21, 2021

Noam Bimbaum is part of the EO San Francisco East Bay Group. The EO organization was critical in his success when it came to getting over the $1M in revenue mark, but it wasn’t easy and he shares his open entrepreneurial struggles on this week’s episode!

Noam is the Founder & CEO of Ignition, inc, an IT Managed Serviced and Security Provider. He started in the IT industry almost three decades ago at the age of 19 and began consulting when he was 23. His company specializes in deploying and supporting cloud-based infrastructure to support the new challenges of the distributed, work-from-home workforce, and they are one of Apple’s most preferred IT partners in Northern California.

Noam got into entrepreneurship because his father made corporate life sound so boring, and like it was hell. He accidentally stumbled upon IT when he was trying to become a novelist and needed some extra cash to get by. It turned out to be a blessing because he fell in love with the career.

Noam likes to collect data. Growing up, he thought he was indecisive, but really, he’s just slow to make a decision because he likes to gather all the facts first. Noam’s gut check, and what helps him decide now is the right time to take action, will usually wake him up at 3 a.m., and then everything will fall into place.


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