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Jun 27, 2021

This week’s exciting entrepreneur is René Serbon! She is an International Skin Expert and Aesthetician. She helps people grow their skin business in a unique way and René consults fellow Aestheticians, Physicians, and Dermatologists to become confident and profitable entrepreneurs.

René not only helps her clients grow, but she also provides additional education on the latest skin treatments, products, and procedures. Her business serves two-fold, both as an education and consulting business as well as a distribution business.

René has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She begged her parents to homeschool her, and when they did, she set up a small clothing shop on the side. She grew up in a very medical-centric family, and decided to follow in her family’s footsteps (somewhat).

When René stepped into the skin and beauty world, she got bit by the bug. She loved helping people feel confident. She could see in real-time the difference she was making in people’s lives and she didn’t want to stop!

You might think bad skin is such a superficial thing and what’s on the inside matters. That’s true. However, bad skin, bad teeth, or some sort of unique “human issue” really can wreak havoc on an individual’s confidence. It might seem small, but René has personally witnessed people’s personalities blossom just by healing their skin.


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