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Feb 2, 2022

In this Getting Real episode, we hear from a custom home builder on the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial journey.


Tim Winter got his start as a builder at a young age while working with his father on home renovation projects. By the time he was 28 years old, he started his own venture and formed the company he has today, Paradigm Homes. He builds custom homes and redesigns older homes to fit the homeowner’s specific needs.


Tim started his business in 2007 and the crash happened shortly after. The biggest lesson he learned was not only to be consistent but to be flexible when you gather new information. This advice still rings true today with the uncertainties the pandemic has given to the housing market.


Tim has been working a lot on the culture of the business. They hired a scaling-up executive coach and that’s really elevated the business and helped them focus on hiring for core values instead of personality. Tim is proud to have a good team around him, and even though he is the CEO, he feels very fortunate he’s part of a good team of people that he can work with.


Tim believes he got his big break around 2016 when he got a back injury. He was forced to slow down for six weeks and he had to take a hard look at how the business could keep going while he was out of commission. He learned a lot of valuable lessons during that really tough time.


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