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Feb 9, 2022

The sales process can be frustrating for any startup founder trying to find their mark. Even more seasoned companies struggle with closing more deals. This week’s guest understands that if you truly want to scale, you have to adopt a sales mindset, a process, and your language.


Jason Forrest became established as a top 1% sales professional in his career and has gone on to train others in the field. Throughout his career, he’s found that the common sales techniques being taught out there puts limitations on others. As a result of Jason’s hands-on sales experience, his coaching and consulting work has led sales teams to increase their effectiveness and drive more profit.


To create a powerful sales team, you must work on changing bad habits or bad behaviors. Most of us have “default” programming where, for whatever reason, we believe what we believe. This is our truth and how we show up and interact in the world. What we think to be true will inevitably drive our emotions, and our emotions drive our motivations, which then drive our results. It’s a cascading effect.


If you boil it down, Jason is not just a sales coach, he’s a behavioral change expert. If you’re having a hard time changing the behavior, you have to dive deep into what’s the feeling that’s connected to that behavior. Do you have resistance to wanting to change that behavior? When you connect feelings, emotions, with the task, you can motivate yourself out of a place of “stuckness.”


As a top 1% sales professional, Jason was not satisfied with the resources out there to help bring his sales teams up to speed. Did you know $164 billion is spent on sales training resources? And only 30% of it is effective? Jason created his company to help change bad sales behavior into something that effectively closes deals while still being authentic.


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