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Feb 16, 2022

If you believe you have to burn yourself out or overextend yourself to ‘have it all’, then this episode is for you. Today’s guest believes yes, you can have it all, but it has to start with an intentional and thoughtful plan or else it will not be sustainable. 


Jack Daly is a leading Sales Speaker and Trainer and has spent over 30 years of his career helping sales and executives succeed. In 2022, Jack released his 10th book, Jack Daly’s Life By Design, that shares with the world his special recipe for life well lived.


Jack is just a few weeks away from turning 73, but he learned a long time ago how to live, and design, an intentional life. Jack not only has built six companies from scratch and sold a few of them, but he’s also flown a jet fighter plane with zero training, shark dived in Africa, completed 15 ironmans (even when he didn’t know how to swim), and ran a marathon in all 50 states and 7 continents. None of these high achievements came by accident. 


It’s not about building a successful business OR having a successful life. It’s about building a successful AND having an exceptional life. You can do both! For many entrepreneurs, we started our businesses to have an exceptional life, but we get lost in the weeds of the business along the way. 


As strange as it might sound, Jack’s epiphany to an intentional life started at the age of 13. After taking a job at a country club, Jack realized there was a vastly different life people were living than what he and his working-class peers were living. How was someone able to have a luxury car, have a big house, and play golf whenever they wanted? Didn’t they have to work? Jack had to dig deeper.  


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