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Mar 30, 2022

In this week’s episode, Scaling Up has 12 fan-favorite episodes from 2021. In case you’ve missed some of these classics, we have a quick recap of each of the episodes and the guests below. Thank you for listening to the Scaling Up show!


Neil Gordon works with entrepreneurs, executives, influencers, and thought leaders to overcome their messaging struggles. He helps them streamline their message to convey their value in unexpected ways. Prior to his work as a communications expert, Neil worked on the editorial staff of Penguin Random House. He is also the VIP contributor for Entrepreneur with three of his articles making it to the #1 spot on the website’s most popular posts.


Sarah Dawn is a Business Growth Expert and host of The Blissed Biz Podcast. She helps entrepreneurs and professionals create the business of their dreams that supports a lifestyle they love. A seven-figure entrepreneur herself, Sarah was burned out and overwhelmed in the beginning. Despite checking all the boxes, she sacrificed her health to achieve it. Sarah knew she had to forge a more sustainable and fulfilling path for herself if she wanted to successfully scale.


Hanneke Antonelli is an Author and award-winning certified Life Coach with 16 years of experience growing businesses in various industries. Hanneke draws on her business degree, Wall Street sales experience, and her decade as an entrepreneur to help business owners upgrade their leadership skills and focus on sustainable growth.


Andrew Bartlow leads Series B Consulting, a firm that helps companies build their people strategy and accelerate their growth. He is also the Founder of People Leader Accelerator, which is a development program for startup HR leaders, and the co-author of Scaling for Success.


Eric Partaker is a Peak Performance Expert who helps CEOs and Entrepreneurs scale themselves and their companies, while also improving their well-being. Eric is a big believer in the power of threes, and shares why it doesn’t have to be a huge and complex routine to create new habits!


Robert “Bo” Brabo is a retired U.S. Army Chief of HR Operations with the White House Communications Agency and was the Presidential Communications Officer for both Presidents Bush and Obama. Bo has served in several executive positions including most recently Vice President of Human Resources at the National Spine & Pain Centers and Founder of Hail Media Group.


Dan McGaw is an award-winning entrepreneur and speaker. He is also the Founder and CEO of McGaw.Io, an analytics and marketing technology consultancy firm. In 2015, Dan was selected to be a United States Ambassador of Entrepreneurship by the United States Department of State, where he had the privilege to advise the government, universities, and private corporations on how to build entrepreneur ecosystems.


Warren Rustand is a visionary that has led many successful private, public, and not-for-profit entities. He has a passion for family, entrepreneurship, and community. Warren is the author of The Leader Within Us. He is also the Global Chair of WPO and the CoFounder and CEO of several companies.


Nigel Bennett is also the Co-Founder of Aqua-GuardSpill Response Inc., where he and his company recently received the RuleBreaker Award for game-changing innovation in oil spill response technology. Nigel received the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award and he is also the author of Take That Leap: Risking It All for What Really Matters.


David Horsager, MA, CSP, CPAE, is the CEO of TrustEdge Leadership Institute, national bestselling author of The Trust Edge, inventor of the Enterprise Trust Index, and director of one of the nation’s foremost trust studies: The Trust Outlook. David has developed an eight-pillar framework to help build trust quickly.


Erik Qualman is a five-time #1 Bestselling Author and Keynote Speaker and has been voted the 2nd Most Likeable Author in the World behind Harry Potter’s J.K. Rowling. Erik is out with a new book, The Focus Project: The Not So Simple Art of Doing Less Book, which dives into how to keep your mind on one track.


John Warrillow kicked off a revolution in 2011 when he released his bestselling book, Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You. A process that helps business owners reframe how they think about the business. John is out with a new book, The Art of Selling Your Business, where he discusses why it’s not luck that certain businesses sell high, and breaks down the “how,” in this week’s episode!


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