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Sep 21, 2022

When your team and your clients feel engaged and connected, great things happen. In this new episode of The Scaling Up Podcast, we have panelists Oklahoma Consultant and Woman of the Year Stacey Eads and Growth Institute Co-founder and CEO Daniel Marcos for a conversation about company culture.


One additional sentence in every email can free up a significant portion of the time that you spend sorting through your inbox. By simply stating whether an email request is a high priority or low priority, or offering a few options for people to reply with, you are clearly stating your request and making it easy for others to respond.


The newest trend in the workplace is “quiet quitting,” and it means different things for different people. Some people are looking for greater work/life balance, while others are quietly disengaging with their jobs as a preliminary move before quitting altogether. This is not a great move considering CEOs have just gotten comfortable with the idea of more remote work, but it’s not good for you or the company to exit in this way. Bill questions the leaders who are either intentionally or unintentionally driving employees away, and offers his advice for a more effective way to engage and retain top talent.


When you are doing good work and making a profit from it, everyone involved feels better about the company. Stacey highlights companies that have demonstrated an alignment of passion, purpose, and products, and Daniel addresses what it means to be engaged in the work that you are passionate about. No matter your position or your focus, the impact that your work has on your team, your clients, and the world at large matters.


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