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Aug 17, 2021

Is there someone on your team trying to sell you on why they haven’t been hitting their numbers? Or are you trying to sell yourself on why you can’t achieve certain KPIs? If that’s the case, then this episode is for you!

How do people accomplish extraordinary things when it doesn’t look or sound very reasonable? Bill was working with a cancer survivor who was passionate about creating healthy meals for restaurants. While she was in the middle of growing her business, she found out her cancer came back. Ouch. How do you keep going when you have a health crisis?

Bill knew her mission in life, and he knew as her coach, he couldn’t let her quit. She couldn’t quit. Yet, how do you prevail when you have odds, especially health odds, stacked against you? In circumstances like this, you have to use your team and your leaders more than you ever did before. You have to do that scary thing and delegate.

Bill’s client knew that her project was important, and she went on to finish what she had set out to do; not by herself, but by leveraging the power of her team. She created a legacy for herself and didn’t let obstacles stop her from moving forward. Anchor yourself to possibility and your legacy, and when obstacles get in your way, get creative and solve for one problem at a time.



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