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Mar 16, 2021

Do you feel like your business has become stagnant, or worse, your sales have dropped? What about other areas of the business? Are you just not happy with the growth (or lack of) that you’re seeing? 

Bill was working with a company where everything was cruising along nicely, until all of a sudden, their orders had slowed down, and they weren’t sure why. 

Bill likes to use the “Four Q Conversations” methold to really dive deep and detect what could possibly be going wrong. It’s set up specifically to ask your core customers what’s lacking in the business, and how you can help them! 

These conversations were developed by Fred Reicheld, who is also the man responsible for the Net Promoter System. These questions, although it might sound basic at first, are strategically designed to help go deeper with your customer beyond the typical weather and sports conversations.


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