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Aug 31, 2021

Do you have a difficult conversation coming up? Perhaps there's a conversation that's long overdue? How do you approach it? Bill has some thoughts and tip on how to gracefully navigate those rough talks in this week's episode!


One of Bill's clients, Alex, had to have a conversation with his board about budget issues. He just knew that his board would not be happy by this news and was dreading the conversation. Bill decided to take some pressure off of his plate by doing a series of role plays to help Alex accurately prepare for a wide range of emotions.

The result? Alex felt comfortable when the conversation was going badly with Bill and could still keep his mind and his points on track. Bill was a tough fictional board member! In one instance, Bill just flat out said 'no' to whatever proposal Alex threw at him. This led Alex to get creative with his requests. By the end of the session, Alex felt more confident about the upcoming conversation.


The fundamental lesson here is to roleplay! Play with the fear! Go through different scenarios and see what fits you best. You'll be surprised by the end-result after it's all over.



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