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Jun 29, 2021

Are you feeling a bit off right now? Or maybe you’ve felt a little “blah” in the past and you’ve slowly gotten yourself out of it, but you’ve always wondered how did you get into that place in the first place? Bill’s got a tip for you.

Bill had a client come to him during a team coaching session and he admitted he was feeling kind of off. It was like, overnight, he lost his passion and he wanted out. Bill spent some time listening to him and he could tell this was just a feeling he was going through at the moment. It wasn’t a core belief he had rooted into.

When this happens to Bill’s coaching clients, it’s really helpful to take a minute to work backward and reflect when you started feeling this way. You can do this by yourself or have a partner help you through this reflection period.

Ask yourself the question, “When was I feeling okay? And when did this feeling shift?” The answers might not come to you right away but trust the process. There was a moment that made you switch from feeling great about your business to feeling meh about it. Did you have some intentions or expectations that didn’t go according to plan? Did you just not get what you wanted? Are you a little irritated? When did you start just “going through the motions”?



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