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Apr 13, 2021

Does it ever feel like your business doesn’t look like you think it should? It just doesn’t feel right? Do you think your team is mismatched? Does your gut just keep telling you something is off?

If things don’t “feel” good in your business, that could be because there is a mismatch in your company values. You might have created an accidental culture within your company and it’s going off the rails.

One of Bill’s clients had a profound mismatch on what the CEO’s version of the company looked like vs. what the reality of the company was. How does that happen? The CEO wanted to see his vision come true, but the culture he created was one of expediency and convenience, and there was no intention behind it.

If you want your business to accurately reflect your vision and your values, and your purpose, you’ve got to build traditions and habits. Like trying to train a little child, you need to keep them accountable and guide them on what’s acceptable behavior vs. not.



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