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Oct 12, 2021

Are you trying to figure out what your brand promise is? Do you feel like your statement is too generic? It just doesn’t click with the team? Bill’s got a tip for you!

If you feel like your brand promise looks and feels like everyone else’s, your biggest step is to go out there and talk with your customers. Don’t just talk to anybody, talk to those core customers that light your day up and that amplify who you want to work with.

Ask these customers who they think you are. What can they rely on you for? What’s different about you? Really tap into their head to get the full landscape of what makes you stand out.

From there, you can see some similarities peeking out that your other competitors do not have. Use their insights and distill it down to three brand promises, and from there, pick the one that’s the most important to you and your mission.



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