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Aug 24, 2021

Need more eyes on your business? We all understand the power of having something go viral, but where business owners fall short is that they are willing to do anything, no matter the costs, to get that attention. Here’s how you can be strategic in your quest for more attention and get the right kind of attention.

Why is it that Elon Musk comes out with a cyber truck and the world stops and goes absolutely crazy? Why is it that, when SingularityU came out, it became a sold-out event almost instantly? How do these things happen so “easily”?

Moral value and positive value are of no interest to the media. So what gets their intention? Novelty. Shock also adds value. If you can grab attention for your product in a new way, then the media will be ready to pounce.

What are some of the ways you can grab the attention of the media? What’s your novelty angle for your product? In this Tuesday Tip, Bill breaks down how some of the greats were able to make their events/products go viral.



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