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Mar 14, 2023

Are you willing to pass the baton on to the next leaders of your company? Or are you hanging on too long? Empowering leaders develop leaders who can develop leaders. If you’re hanging on too much or micromanaging your team, you are not developing yourself or others into effective leaders. If you want a strong, thriving company, you need to work to develop leaders that you can pass the baton on to.


Years ago Bill was doing a lot of things right in his business, but he still couldn’t manage to break away for any extended period. Still, he was committed to a family vacation, so he asked himself regularly to become more hands-off. For a year, he worked to ask his team how they would solve their problems if he was not there.


By empowering his team to come up with their own solutions, he was effectively passing the baton. Without micromanaging leaders to do all of the work, teams are empowered to thrive.



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We help leadership teams with the biggest decisions around People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash so that they can Scale Up successfully and beat the odds of business growth. Scaling Up is based on Verne’s original best-selling business book, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.


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